Cleaning Wheels Using: Sonax – Full Effect


This post will give everyone an idea how amazing German Engineer is. We got here, Sonax’s Full Effect Wheel Cleaner. I must say, it’s probably the best stuff you can get for your wheels in the current market. I will admit, it is a bit expensive but the time and effort it saves you is priceless. Especially saving your knuckles!

Here are some facts about the wheel cleaner:

SONAX Wheel Cleaner safely and effectively eliminates the most stubborn dirt such as brake dust, oil and rubber residue. Color-change foam lets you know it’s working! SONAX Wheel Cleaner’s acid-free, non-corrosive formula is safe on all types of painted, alloy, anodized, clear coated, chrome, aluminum and stainless steel wheels.

SONAX Full Effect Wheel Cleaner sprays on as a thick, fluorescent green foam. As the cleansing foam begins to work into the dirt and grime, the formula begins to turn red. The red coloration is the SONAX Wheel Cleaner forming a bond to the sintered iron on the wheel and changing its state to a water soluble complex for easy removal. Stubborn, baked on grime may take a small amount of agitation. Rinse wheels thoroughly with a power washer and wipe dry.

Products & Tools Used:

Grit Guard Insert
Sonax Full Effect Wheel Cleaner
Eurow Microfiber Towels 36-Pack
Mothers Wheel Brush
Large Wire Wheel Spoke Brush
Chemical Guys Tire Dressing Applicator
Optimum Opti-Bond Tire Gel

For this demonstration I’ll be using a 2001 Mercedes Benz E320. The wheels themselves are in good shape, they just haven’t been cared for in over a month. Let’s take a look at Full Effect’s magic.

Here are a couple before shots:





At this point give your wheel a hose down to wash out any loose dust and dirt.


Go ahead and liberally spray Sonax Wheel Cleaner on the wheel and into the barrel.



At the Five minute mark we have these results:


After 10 minutes we see most of the cleaner has done it’s work. I went ahead and used a wheel brush and spoke brush and agitated the wheels. Also, I took the brush and cleaned the tires down.


After rinsing off the whole wheel we see these great results:





At this point dry off your wheels with a microfiber towel.


Final Shots!



If you guys have any questions about the tools or products I used please let me know! Leave a comment below!

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